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As one of the few companies, we offer our customers a completely free audit of their websites, including all the amendments to be made to the website to improve its position in Google search results.

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We optimize your website code, graphics and content to make your website more browser-friendly.

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We promote websites on social media and create fanpages and communities around our customers' products and services.

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Full digital marketing service 16 years of experience. We have many years of experience in successful digital marketing in many areas (Search, GDN, YouTube, DoubleClick, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)


We are a group of professionals that have worked in digital marketing for 16 years. During this time, we have already helped hundreds of companies to succeed by promoting their products and services online. Our long-term experience in the SEO and SEM industry allows us to continuously improve the quality of our services according to the latest standards.

We cooperate with many companies from different industries and regions, always pursuing the same goal - to attract new customers by improving the site’s position in search results.


Free SEO Audit

Take advantage of our knowledge for free and find out what your website needs to rank high in Google search results.


Optimize your website code, graphics and content to make it browser-friendly.

SEO Positioning

Achieve top positions in Google rankings with the optimization package and positioning of your website.

Social media

Build a community around your products and services based on a creative fanpage on Facebook or Instagram.


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How long does the website optimization process take?

We will optimize your website within 14 working days. Once the work is completed, we will send you a special report detailing all changes made on the website.

How long do I have to wait for the first optimization effects?

The first optimization effects are visible approximately 2-8 weeks after the completion of the work. This is due to the fact that Google must download new content from the website and index it accordingly in the search results. It usually takes up to one month.

For how many keywords can I optimize a website?

We suggest optimizing your website for 1 to 10 keywords. With more keywords, the effect may be opposite and Google may lower the site position in the ranking.

Can I select words for website optimization by myself?

Of course you can. When placing an order, please provide the relevant keywords in the order form. How to select the right keywords - learn more.

What keywords should be selected for website optimization?

Keywords should precisely define the profile of a particular industry and should be included in the website content.
A keyword should not consist of only one word, e.g. "pizzeria", because there may be more than one million restaurants all over the world serving pizza. As a result, this keyword will be difficult to find at the top of Google search results at a low cost. It would be much better to use the phrase "pizzeria Marbella" or "best pizza in Marbella". A single keyword should consist of 2 to 3 words.

What is the effectiveness of your optimization service?

The effectiveness of optimization depends on a number of factors such as competition in a given industry, the number of Google search results for certain keywords and the quality of your website. In order to precisely determine what you may gain from optimizing your website, please send us up to 10 keywords, for which your website is to be optimized.

Will I need access data to my website to enable the optimization process?

Yes, you will. In order to optimize your website and make necessary amendments on the site, you will need to provide us with the access data to your website. We ensure the safety of our customers, which is why the data are transferred over an encrypted HTTPS connection.

Will my website design change after optimization?

No, the design of your website will remain unchanged. The changes apply only to Meta-tags and code that is not visible to the user. Sometimes, if necessary, we include the keywords in the website content that the site will be optimized for.